Toronto, Ontario (May 1, 2023) – Osisko Mining Inc. (TSX:OSK) (the “Corporation” or “Osisko“) announces that its Board of Directors has approved minor amendments to the omnibus equity incentive plan of the Corporation (the “Omnibus Plan“), which is proposed for approval by the shareholders of the Corporation at Osisko’s annual and special meeting of shareholders to be held on May 29, 2023 (the “Meeting“), to address comments from ISS Proxy Advisory Services on the Omnibus Plan.

The Omnibus Plan, the adoption of which shareholder approval is being sought at the Meeting, has been amended to include language in Section 7.3(2) of the Omnibus Plan to require shareholder approval for the following:

  1. any amendment to the non-transferability of awards set out in Section 6.1(6) (General Conditions Applicable to Awards – Non-Transferrable Awards) of the Omnibus Plan; and
  2. any amendment to Article 7 (Adjustments and Amendments) of the Omnibus Plan.

These amendments will be included in the Omnibus Plan proposed to be considered and voted upon by shareholders at the Meeting.


For further information on the Corporation, please contact:

John Burzynski
Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: (416) 363-8653

The Corporation’s head office is located at 155 University Avenue, Suite 1440, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3B7.